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  • Rotary automatic bar screen

    Rotary automatic bar screens

    Automatic rotary bar screens are Installed on inlet side of river water intake and pumping station to lift-up trashes and screenings automatically in raw water. The opening of bar is 50mm mostly. Wet parts contacting water are made of stainless steel. Double chains are also made of stainless steel. Rotary operated chains are installed both end sides of equipment and lift trashes and screenings by 4 rakes automatically. Different reduction ratio of geared drive system (CYCLOID) is applied. Lifting weight is 350kg/cycle. Inclination of screen is 75 degree. Pitch of screen, number of rakes, space of bars, rotation speed, and others, are adjustable at the design stage of equipment, according to customer`s requests.

    Channel Dimension W8 x H13m, Bangkok, Thailand

    Channel Dimension W8 x H13m

    Channel Dimension W5 x H10m