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  • Non-metal chain flight sludge collectors

    Non-metal chain flight sludge collectors

    DWA designs, manufactures and supplies non-metallic sludge collectors for primary & secondary rectangular sludge settling tanks in sewer and wastewater treatment plants on international market. Non-metal sludge collector is characterized in its anti-corrosiveness and easy installation by the lightweight of materials applied, and most of plants on the world tend to install non-metallic sludge collectors on their sewer, wastewater, and desalination plants. Primary sludge settling tanks collect settled sludge by flights to sludge hopper in the end of settling tanks and remove floated scums by the run of flights on the top of system to scum skimmers. Surplus sludge will be removed in secondary sludge settling tanks

    Non-metal sludge collectors, 8 units for primary sludge settling tanks, and 4 units for secondary sludge settling tanks, supplied and has started run by DWA in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2018 to 2019.

    Cross section of non-metal sludge collector

    Drive unit

    unit will be a horizontal cycloid reduction unit. Power transmission will be done by non-metallic drive chain, Nylon 66, 66.27 mm of pitch

    Collector chain

    A high tension of non-metal, Polyketone, chain, Pintle type, 152.4mm of pitch, will be applied to collector chain. Average weight per meter is 2.4kg. Stainless steel pins are inserted.

    Sprocket wheel

    Driven sprocket is made of high-density polyurethane, less than 0.3% of absorbing rate and no. of tooth is 40 pcs, pitch of 66.27mm Main sprocket wheel for collector chain will be high density of polyurethane, which is 12 pcs of tooth no. and 152.4mm of pitch. Idle sprocket for collector chain is made high density of polyurethane, less than 0.5% of absorbing rate, which is 9 pcs of tooth no. and 152.4mm of pitch.

    Head sprockets, driven sprockets, take up sprockets

    Wearing shoe

    Wearing shoe 12mm thickness of wearing shoe will be attached each flight to prevent abrasion of flight during run of flight on rail and return track. Wearing shoe will be made of high tensile of polyurethane.

    Carry & return wear strip

    In order to guide flight running on bottom of settling tank, a set of wear strip, 10mm thickness, UNMW polyethylene will be installed. Wear strip will be fixed by stainless steel cone type washer.

    Control panel

    650 x 900 x 400mm (B200) 2T, STS304. Automatic and manual operation by Remote/Local selector switches. Alarm and auto stop of motor by torque limit installed. Automatic stop of equipment by all fault signals and re-set are available.

    Scum skimmer

    Main body of scum skimmer will be made of stainless pipe, 304, ø250mm. There will be some openings to receive and discharge scums. The pipe will be supported by both sides to endure twist and loop of pipe.  A drive unit and control panel embedded.

    Scum pipes

    Actuator control panel embedded