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  • Incinerator plants for hazardous waste

    Incinerator plants for hazardous waste

    DWA Incinerator plant is based on cost effective, less investment of equipment ,and resource circulation plant. The plant is made of input system such as drum lifter, belt & screw conveyor, crusher or shredder system, automatic feeding system, rotary kiln, post combustion chamber, hot gas inlet tube by lncoloy material, lncoloy quencher, bag filter, wet scrubber, induced draft air fan, stack, forced draft combustion air fan, NaoH chemical tank, liquid waste storage tank, water circulation tank, pumps, valves, electric & instrument system, PLC automatic control system. According to hazardous classification by customer, explosion free motors with auxiliary equipment will be applied. Fuel gas or diesel fuel will be applied. All flue gas will be met to international emission standards. Fabrication, test & inspection procedures will be followed to international standard which has been agreed to be applied.

    Rotary kiln is the solution for complete combustion of liquid waste, sludge, and fluid water without accumulation of waste inside of furnace. Rotation speed of rotary kiln is l.Sm/min. Inside of rotary kiln will be layered by castable refractory, which is resistant to 1,600°c.

    Incinerator plant, 100kg/hr., running 24 hour per day, for solid waste and liquid waste in petrochemical plant. EPC plant by DWA.

    Post combustions & Rotary kilns assembly and tested

    Wet scrubbers, hydraulic units, and others

    Stack assembly & shipping photos